Dante: libri nuovi

Dante: libri nuovi

Judy Goldhill – No fixed place for us, 2021

Judy Goldhill is one of 8 artists commissioned by the University of Bristol to produce an artist’s book to mark the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.

There has been an unprecedented number of events across the world celebrating the works and legacy of this medieval poet. The Department of Italian at Bristol and Early Italian Studies Research Cluster have worked together with selected artists to plan a distinctive contribution which considers the way in which Dante has been studied in the city in the past, and continues to be a focus for academic and impact-related studies in Bristol today.
The University of Bristol will host two events in October 2021 which are open to the public:

Tuesday 26 October, 5.30-8pm (Humanities Lecture Theatre, University of Bristol): Dante: libri nuovi – a celebration of Dante in Bristol, the poet’s connections to visual culture, and the launch of 8 specially-commissioned artists’ books

Dante: libri nuovi – new Dante inspired artists’ books

To mark this anniversary year eight artists were invited to produce a new book each in response to the poet’s life and works. Books as a primary medium in contemporary art practice make for a particularity of experience, one in which the reader may be especially aware of the materiality, structure and mechanisms of the book in their hands.

For this project the approaches taken by the artists have been manifold. Their diverse practices are manifested in the books, which in turn reflect their own reading and interpretations of Dante. Aesthetic and conceptual considerations have led to some works having a formal simplicity whilst others are highly elaborate, with the set of eight books representing a wide range of print and constructional techniques.

There will be an introductory talk by Dr John McDowall (artist, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds): ‘Dante: libri nuovi – new Dante inspired artists’ books’, followed by artist-led presentations.

The participating artists are: Kate Bernstein, Ian Bottle, Prerna Chandiramani, Judy Goldhill, Sophie Loss, John McDowall,