Fourth Wall



Fourth Wall is a project that responds to the limitations and practices of online exhibitions. It displays a live stream of work on walls recorded simultaneously in participating artists studios or live spaces in different locations. Each work occupies a wall with a different facing. The work will be viewable online during specific times periods only. This act of staged synchronicity is an act of solidarity between collaborators separated by distance and circumstance. The limited time period in which work can be seen subverts one of the perceived benefits of accessibility for online exhibitions, and questions whether the temporary nature of an experience adds value to it. Over the course of the project the Fourth Wall programme will explore different themes relevant to the practices of Dust Architects collective and invite guest exhibitors whose practices bring a different perspective to them. After each Fourth Wall exhibition, participating artists will discuss their work and how it relates to the chosen theme. These conversations will be recorded.

Fourth Wall #3 (Heirlooms)

Dust Architects artists Fay Ballard, Martha Orbach and Nick Kaplony are joined by guest artist Charlotte Brown in a show of work that explores the family heirloom.


Charlotte Brown’s work utilises printmaking – etching and more recently, stone lithography, collage, cast lead sculpture and hand embroidery to explore the weight and worth of family relationships through objects.She employs traditional techniques which are often laborious and painstaking in their execution to explore themes of familial inheritance and relationships, invested objects and heirlooms, and Freudian psychologies. She enjoys printmaking as an iterative and reproductive process which reinforces ideas surrounding generational inheritance of physical traits and objects.

Fourth Wall #2 (Lifewriting)

Dust Architects artists select and show work thatmight be considered as a form of visual life writing

Fourth Wall #1

An introduction to recent work by Dust Architects artists.