Listen in as we try to unscramble aspects of our work, or themes in our practice, through talking to each other. Conversation topics include: the influence of Jewish heritage, reflecting on our parents and representing home.

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Responding to the essay ‘The Silver Pin’ (Susan Rubin Suleiman, pp. 184-192), from Sherry Turkle’s book Evocative Objects: Things to Think With, guest artist Charlotte Brown discusses work with Fay Ballard, Martha Orbach and Nick Kaplony in relation to the idea of the family heirloom.


Charlotte Brown’s work utilises printmaking – etching and more recently, stone lithography, collage, cast lead sculpture and hand embroidery to explore the weight and worth of family relationships through objects. She employs traditional techniques which are often laborious and painstaking in their execution to explore themes of familial inheritance and relationships, invested objects and heirlooms, and Freudian psychologies. She enjoys printmaking as an iterative and reproductive process which reinforces ideas surrounding generational inheritance of physical traits and objects.

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The Dust Architects artists consider potential areas of crossover in their practice in their first conversation.

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Dust Architects artists discuss how particular pieces of work might be considered a form of Life writing.

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Nick Kaplony and Fay Ballard discuss depictions of their mothers and fathers.