Nick Kaplony

Nick Kaplony works primarily with drawing and photography and is interested in the phenomenon of the Psyche, and the more cryptic aspects of our un/subconscious experiences. Much of his practice draws on his family relationships, and considers inheritance, legacy and genetic predisposition through the lens of grief. His most recent work records the disquiet and anxiety of his sleeping hours through charcoal drawings of his bedding after turbulent nights sleep. Nick has shown nationally with organisations such as Manchester City Gallery, MOT Projects, ASC studios, Core Gallery and Geddes Gallery and Barbican Projects.

Nick Kaplony - Transmitter Receiver (Mum), 2008, c-type print on aluminium, 55 x 47cm

Nick Kaplony - Fragments, 2002, site-specific installation of framed photographs, dimensions variable

Nick Kaplony - Lazy Eye, 2019, digital photograph, dimensions variable

Nick Kaplony - Restless Sleeper, 2020, charcoal on tracing paper, 21 x 30cm

Nick Kaplony - Asleep Somewhere, 2016, false eyelashes and overhead projector, 195 x 70cm